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I started Darting Group because I wanted full autonomy to serve my clients in the way I thought they deserved. It doesn’t hurt that I love critical thinking, numbers, understanding how businesses operate, and always asking about “the why” behind things.

I come from a small business family, so I learned what the ups and downs of owning your own business look like. I watched my parents overcome some significant obstacles that only a small business owner could understand. I learned about grit, tenacity, and courage. I was taught the meaning of right and wrong, what it means to do the right thing, and then to do the right thing.

I was born and raised in Redding, CA, moved to San Luis Obispo for college, and ultimately ended up in Sacramento, where I completed my accounting degree.

I worked in both audit and tax disciplines at a regional accounting firm that served clients in the construction industry. I later moved into the private sector where I held positions in the finance and internal audit departments. I had the opportunity to travel for work that took me to the east coast and overseas. I worked in the financial services, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing industries. I worked with companies across the spectrum from loss leaders to a multi-billion dollar line of business. To say “I’ve seen some things” would be an understatement!

I chose public accounting because I am fascinated by how businesses operate and make their money. Business owners have a special kind of drive; in their operations, in their ideas, in their determination, and in their execution – which is unmatched. Experts say you should surround yourself with those who make you better and help you grow – This is what business owners and others out there “getting it done” provide for me.

I believe a truly great CPA can be that advisor and business partner to further your business and individual financial goals.


Krysten Darting, CPA, MBA

President & CEO


Each potential client goes through an initial phone consultation. This includes a brief discussion of background information and client needs. At the end of the consultation, we will discuss recommended next steps.

Each client has the option to continue through an onboarding process.


Relationships – Family, clients, and colleagues; balancing happiness, health, quality time, and support of others

Integrity – Staying true to oneself, being dependable, offering excellence in what we do, and adhering to strong moral and ethical principles

Honesty – Accountability of perceptions, and maintaining clarity through accountability

Continuous Improvement – Grow by learning, challenging self, and innovating





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